Sunday, November 30, 2014

Existence in multiple dimensions

I have a theory we exist in multiple dimensions at the same time.  I also believe that Chaos Theory is actually just another way of talking about law of Karma. 

Does this mean we have absolutely no control over what is happening? Do we decide certain things because we are 'meant' to? Whatever happened to the fact that the sole reason I pursued chartered accountancy for so long was because my dad wanted me to. In hindsight, I could have decided not to pursue. I could have chosen not to study at all and flunk in all papers and could've given it up even before I started. But then I didn't. *I* didn't.

Similarly, one mundane event today could snowball into a significant event tomorrow. How do we know which event is mundane/insignificant today? And what all could it lead to? Wouldn't it be fantastic if we knew exactly what would be the outcome of that decision you took today? Is it *you* from another dimension, another time space, coming to you to nudge you to take that decision? What did you do in that dimension to reach that place, and why would you try and influence your own decisions? Aren't you yourself violating the principles of free will?

*takes break to snort caffeine*

Are dreams the communication medium for different mediums? Like that one time when I woke up after I dreamt of being involved in car crash and then having a blue-green bruise on my back where I had dreamt I had hurt myself? And then later same day on my way back from Gandhinagar when I took another turn than my usual way and the dream I had earlier in the morning flashed before my eyes with one slight realisation where the accident site would have been on my usual route back home.  Now I don't quite believe in supernaturals (but I don't watch horror movies either - why would anyone in right frame of mind want to watch something that scares you? Aren't humans scary enough that you want the supernaturals?) but was that me from another dimension telling me to not take that route?

*snorts bournvita*

Similarly people. Isn't it said you meet everyone for a reason? Who comes up with such stuff? Are you trying to tell me I have no control over the kind of people I have come across? Well, not really. I had no choice in choosing classmates - it was school and college admission process - and really classmates were terrible.  And co-workers either. So basically, I really have no choice.  

But why do we meet/talk to people we do? Why does everything need to have a stupid lesson? And those who are in our lives for very short period? Like the 2 month long endless conversations only to be abandoned abruptly? Or brief 2 liner emails once every few months even after knowing them for years? 

And those of you (other than the usual suspects who read the blog despite the randomness *insert heart* S, R, M, S, I'm talking about you - others, I don't know who you are - if you're a fan, send a mail, I'd be delighted - first name last name at gmail dot com and lord Goga will bless) who read this blog and enlighten yourselves periodically with the endless gyaan I have to give - why are you here? Why did you choose my blog to read at this very moment!

Omg. So much to discuss, so much to say, I need some sugar rush.

Anyway, I will go now.  Mostly because it is Sunday and I want to watch TV and must claim the remote before dad does.  


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