Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rules for pedestrians

We have driving rules.  Why not walking rules?

Just because people choose to walk does not mean they are never at fault in case of an accident.  Why should they be excused from following the rules? Are there even rules in place?

Jaywalkers.  Like really.  Pappa's rasta. No, walk towards the edge. Not in middle of the road.  Your life is *not* my responsibility.  Don't take me wrong - I am a very careful driver, but then, roads are for driving, walkways/footpaths are for walking - please respect!

Zebra crossing. It is there for a reason. Cross when pedestrian crossing light goes green, and yes, if you wait, it does go green. Stop running across the road like headless chicken.  One time I even saw a cow walk up to a crossing to cross the road. Surely you could too.

No earphones, please.  Because then you could not hear the incessant honking because you are in middle of traffic because of your music. I don't care - just listen in the comfort of your home. Not in middle of the road. Thank you very much.

Same goes with cyclists too.  Not your pappa's rasta - please respect others on the road too.

I am bored now.


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