Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday morning musings

Because why not.

So with parents out on vacation, and in last 24 hours my cumulative human interaction has been less than 30 seconds.

It has been a while since I wrote something here - I hope you have seen my video blogs - which are basically some of the most boring and wtf inducing moments you will spend in your life.

So I have been wondering lately.  Of the risks I have taken and not taken.  Of the decisions I've made. Not all of them have been wise, but if you weren't to take risks, have you truly lived?

And if you truly want something, when do you know it is time to cling on to it or to let it go? As I've said, hope is a terrible thing at times.  But if it weren't for hope, would we have the inclination to go on with our lives?

Why couldn't our lives be as dramatic as our movies? Like, if an important event were to happen, there would be music and maybe some aarti in the background with dhols and nagaras to give us a hint that dude, this event is important for your life - make sure you don't screw it up.

Men claim they cannot pick up subtle hints women leave them when they're interested - well, guess what! Even us women can't pick up hints the universe sends us.  Willing to bet universe is a lady but then I am not sure if that would a sexist comment and offensive to internet crusaders.

At this point in life I'd like some clarity.  For a change, I do not want to take things as they come.  I want to be prepared for what life throws up at me.

I wish I had read the terms and conditions before I signed up for this life.

PS: I am not sad or anything - just that not talking to a human for too long makes me philosophical and hence I have realised I kind of sort of like people.

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