Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fake Encounters

So with my articleship (internship) of 3 year with Deloitte over, I have vowed not to be a glorified proofreader. Yea, yea, so the purists will argue how auditing is an art, and how they get to learn new things in it and how they never get bored of it, well, good for you. *smirks*

With the 3 years vanvaas of mine over, I intend to be a lot more active here.

I think there are few thing fundamentally wrong with us Indians. Whatever issue comes up, we always want to be the devil's advocate. So when Kasav/Kasab is kept alive in high security jails, we want to question the government why is he not hanged yet. When he is given a death sentence, we want to raise questions about capital punishments and human rights. Decide, people.

So when an alleged criminal is killed in an alleged fake encounter, instead of asking a highly obvious question whether the late dude in question was involved in any crime, everyone is busy asking questions why was he killed. Jeez. So, just because he was muslim, and he was killed by hindu cops, there is some foul play involved. How convenient, right? How come no one considers a possibility of him being an actual criminal, and just because he was not caught red handed from the attack site in Mumbai, with hand grenades and other ammunition on him, he has to be innocent.

Which makes me wonder, how would people react if Kasav was killed in similar fashion? Or maybe we should wait till young innocent men take up guns, kill a few people or hijack a plane, before any kind of action is taken.

I am not justifying the "fake encounter" here, but arent we all focussing on the wrong thing?


Other than that, I am enjoying my new found joblessness. I could write thesis on how I spent my last 3 years, but since i have not yet received my stipend of the month of July, I shall refrain and fight all my urges to diss the organisation. :D

Till next time,