Saturday, November 1, 2014

Deconstructing Songs: Madam X

So I am a little tired right now. Been out and about since 6 am and strange headache since afternoon and strange bleeding from my nose which is a little terrifying, but I am not gonna see a doc because I don't like docs.

Anyway, if I die, please let Salman Khan know I love him and that if he would have married me, I would have totally driven him around because clearly I'm a better driver with better track record.

I digress.

So, Madam X is a wonderful movie. It is  my go-to movie when I am feeling low and I need some surrealism and Jaani Dushman just won't cut it.  (not saying it's bad, just that you need to be in a jaani dushman kinda mood to enjoy it.)

So, here's Madam X followed by my video blog (watch first 15-20 minutes of Madam X (please, please, please) before heading off to watch my video, and you may choose to return to watch full movie later on.
And here's my video. I hope you like it.

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