Saturday, November 15, 2014

Deconstructing Hindi Songs: Gutar Gutar

I have grown up watching terrible Hindi movies.  They are my guilty pleasure.  I know they are terrible, but there is hardly anything I could do to stop myself from watching them.

Mithun has been a variable constant in the guilty pleasure terrible movies I have enjoyed.  One such movie is called Dalaal. I will not get into the details of the movie because if you've not seen it, you're probably better off that way.

But then, the movie also gave us the brilliant song, "Gutar gutar".

It is a song about pigeon going gutar gutar because he can.

First watch this video.  Then watch the video I have posted below it.  Then again watch the song and sing yourself to sleep, while thrusting your pelvis like a maniac on sugar rush.  Seriously, whats with the steps. It's like even their abs must be having abs now.

This is the original song:

This is my blog.  Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. Good night. *hugs*


Shiv said...

enjoyed 'reading' this blog post..You should deconstruct more songs..some of my fav Jeetendra-Sridevi, Jeetendra-Jayarada songs..:-)

satish said...

well done you.i had always liked the song and now i have a newly found respect for it.