Monday, December 8, 2014

The world doesn't need the United Nations

Technically, the UN is around to increase international cooperation and to make efforts to avoid conflicts.

Talking of conflicts, the world may or may not be on the verge of a third world war.  Almost all countries are conflicting with each other.  

These are the times I am glad my internal conflicts are not as bad as Pakistan's internal conflicts.  (there, there, Pakistan, Big brother prays for you sometimes.)

Anyway, the point is, ancient India has not only predicted the modern technologies but has also shown light on how to tackle conflicts.

I think the most potent amongst them is the "kasam".

Well, yea, so one kasam made Lord Ram go for vanvas, which led to Sita getting kidnapped by Ravan which led Ram taking on an entire country to bring back his wife (dude, how romantic is waging a war against an entire country to bring back your wife) but then, you can never underestimate the power of one kasam.

If one kasam can lead to a war, surely the same kasam can stop wars.  

Kasams have definitely stopped many a love stories from taking off. "बेटा, तुम्हे मेरी कसम. उस लड़की से बात मत करना। अगर तुमने उससे बात की तो तु मेरा मारा मूह देखेगा।" and the kasam fearing son (because being godfearing is too mainstream) will not talk to her because आई शपथ is most powerful weapon.

I say, replace the UN with an Association of Kasam Giving Mothers (AKGM for short, because all cool things need to be abbreviated) and let an Indian mother (because no one beats Indian mothers in giving kasams) be the head of the association (no, my mom is not up for the position - I am offering her precious services to the Army as a radar system to find out things long lost or something like that - or maybe lost and found department. In her case, it would be always found department.) and the world would be a peaceful place.

I am so proud of my ideas. I have no idea why I am not given a Nobel for being just awesome. Or just existing and making this world a nice place one day at a time.

On an aside, today as I was coming back from my jog/walk, a stray dog saw me and ran for his life.  It's like a reverse dog chase. After years of struggling with getting chased by stray dogs, for the first time I probably scared a dog away.  Best. Monday. Ever.

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