Friday, October 24, 2014

Video Blog: Khalnayika

Good afternoon and kiss to all.

Today we Gujaratis celebrate our new year and show how truly secular we are, we dress up like Christmas tree during Diwali.

So.. I played around a little with iMovies and this is my first attempt at clipping and trimming and joining videos, and I am little nervous about this too.  It's a 10 minute long video because I have also incorporated the song in the video.

As I said, I'm still learning, please to be kind and hope you guys like this video.


On that note, happy festivities!


Mirchi Laddoo said...

Less of the song (sheer torture it was) and more of you speaking please!

From where do you find such gems anyway? :O

Also, no you don't look psychotic. You look cute & lovely! <3

Reshma said...

You look really pretty, Nirwa :)

And yes, what about the fan ?