Saturday, August 10, 2013

Half past midnight

It is half past midnight and I have nothing much to say.  Like every other day.

Except wonder whether it is me who is sending wrong signals to the universe or it is the universe which has a perception problem and is interpreting them incorrectly. 

Or does this whole sending out signals to the universe, positive thinking, law of attraction actually work? or it is one of those fads. 

If everything that was to happen and everyone that we happen to meet is for a reason, how long before we figure out what that reason is.  I mean, I don't really care much about knowing my purpose of life.  I know mine is to spread awesomeness around and I'm doing my job right :P but seriously, do we ever know? Or does the answer seem apparent only in the hindsight? I'm now getting tired of the word hindsight. Must look up thesaurus for alternate words.

Having known someone for almost a decade, only on the internet, but knowing the person better than their real life friends.  What is the reason behind this? I don't think we will even ever meet, and haven't talked in over two years now.  But he had heard me cry and told me to be selfish when I needed to be.  He had told me to not lose myself and my identity because people around have needed me.  Not to give myself so much that you cease to exist as an individual.  I didn't stop caring about others, but I started caring about myself more.  He perhaps doesn't know how much I needed to hear that at that time to get through some of the toughest times.  Maybe some day, if we do meet, I would want to hug him and say thank you.

So do we really come across people for a reason? If destiny tries multiple times over a number of years to get you together with someone, but you never got to know the person till now, is there something more to it? And why would destiny bring two people together only to take them away from each other, bringing pain along with itself.

Can universe come with a FAQs with it? 

More than that, can the stupid universe just stop talking in sign language and give clear instructions instead? I'm tired of your shit, seriously.


Reshma said...

You find your answers when you detach yourself from all your associations: Parents, friends (including the ones who help you find meaning in life)family, job, AND doing what you love doing.

For days/months long, imagine that ALL of the above doesn't matter to anyone. THEN, why do you exist ?

All of our feelings are natural. Grief, love, and other emotions. But, there is something beyond them. And, most probably, your purpose of life will give you a unique inner peace. Something that you will never be able to express in writing/speech/actions :)

The choice is yours:
1. How long will you wait for that inner joy moment, or, do you really want to? [Because, the wait will entail the Pains, Sufferings, Betrayals, and bad emotions, majorly].

2. Dont bother about arrival of inner peace, and embrace a life that is more cheerful, normal, streamlined, happy in general, and still great and awesome.

Best wishes, Nirwa.
God bless you.

Nirwa Mehta said...

hehe, I don't know if I can be like you :) you are way too nice.


But thanks! much love to you too :)

Reshma said...

I am not that nice. There are some people who think their life would be better if I didn't exist. Really. :)

I just have experiences that I share.

You are indeed a cute, sensitive, and one of the nicest people I know :)

Thannnnnkssss for so much love ^_^ :)

God bless you loads.
Muchhhhh love.
Mmuahh :* :)

Nirwa Mehta said...

Dude, those who'd be happy if you didn't exist would be the one who cannot tolerate nice people. I have never seen a mean comment from you ever.

Galat yug mein janam liya hai tumne. :)

Reshma said...

*galat yug* haha :D