Saturday, August 17, 2013

A bit about roads

Raaste mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai. Naam hai Ricky Martin.  I think the only being cows allow to use roads, for which we pay our taxes, are rickshaw drivers.  There is something crazy about them, as if they're perpetually high.

I mean, even if a bunch of good samaritans give way to an ambulance, all a Ricky Martin has to do is stretch out his leg to indicate he's going to take a turn and just move in. Like a boss.

And there is no more anyone can ever talk about the cows on the roads.  Yaar, why is Narendra Modi even promising a Congress-mukt Bharat.  All we need is cow-free roads in monsoon and even congress will vote for him.

But today as I was observing traffic from a bench on the road, I observed a completely marvelous phenomena.  It was women who sit sideways on two-wheelers.  Now, even my mom is one such women who sit in such a position, but I've never sat sideways myself.  Always sat with one leg going all the way across the seat.  And it has been a while since I sat that way either.  Mostly because ever since I started driving on my own, it would always be me who would take others as pillion riders.  (#ProTip: you do not want to sit as a pillion rider with my mom on her activa, no, even if she was the last person who could give you a ride.  I, on the other hand, am an amazing driver)

Anyway, so today I observed a couple of ladies, especially in saree, sitting sideways.  HOW DO THEY BALANCE? Especially on a bike?

How do they sit sideways on a moving two wheeler without losing their balance.  If I were to look at the road moving sideways, I would fall only.  All these women (and some men, like why would men sit sideways?) break science every single day and no one has thought how.

What sorcery is this? I am now looking at ways to decode this mystery and nominate Nobel for a Nirwa Prize. Or something like that.

And I realise the post has nothing to do with title. Or maybe it does. Because bikes would work on roads only no?

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