Thursday, January 1, 2015

My phone may or may not be possessed

So I had decided I'll do something awesome when the sun rises in 2015.

I slept through it.

It was awesome.

But then I woke up at 9 with phone battery at 12%.  I plugged it in and when I was ready to face the world, I walked down at 9:45.  My phone battery had reached 50%.  Hmm. I'll just use mom's phone's charger and it should be cool.

However, I forgot.

I made a call and decided I will go window shopping.

You see, I don't *need* new clothes, just *want* them.  Just window shopping, I promised myself.

That's when I decided I will stop being slave to technology.  I decided I will not recharge my phone all day and see where it goes.

Yes, I carry a power bank, and yes, I carry a charger too. I could totally recharge my phone, but hey, I am not going to break my first resolution in first few hours of new year no?

By the time I left for window shopping, battery was at 40%. (I had made just ONE phone call.)

I got a pretty new kurta from FabIndia (why are all the things I want so expensive? Why can't things just appear out of thin air for me? I mean, I totally deserve that)

Came back, and quickly fixed a quick lunch, left for work (ate at office, because cannot reach late on first day of new year, also salary day) and saw a WhatsApp alert from V which went hi hihihi hi.  Okay, I need to reply, I'll do it when I reach office.

Fuck. Battery at 16%. Wtf. I didn't even do anything. Was my phone, that was in my jeans pocket, heating my body or what.

Anyhoo, so I quickly text V that hi hi hih and happy new year and will mail.  Rest of the conversation happened over 34 odd emails sent back and forth.

Now, I had kept the data turned off since I reached office - got to keep that battery till I reach home - don't want mom calling me to tell how she found 6 parrots when she went for her evening walk and panic that she couldn't get through.

At 4 I think of checking if I got any whatsapp messages. I turn on the data, and even while sitting idle, the damned battery had gone down to 8% in 2 hours.

No, no one had WhatsApped me. Like, no one does. :(

In the mean time, I decide to turn off the phone.  (I checked Twitter only once to reply to a DM which had a link to some Twitter gossip. :D)

I just got home and mom made me grilled cheese sandwich (basically, roasted bread on tawa and put a cheese slice between two breads and had used Amul's garlic herbed butter to toast it) and I wanted to instagram that, but couldn't because phone would die on me. :(

I felt so miserable not being able to instagram my food. :( :( :(

Anyhoo. After I turned off the phone and turned it back on, the battery remained 8%.  I mean, it is 8% even now, good 2 hours after I turned it off and back on.  Maybe there was a rogue app which needed the quick fix (switch off and switch on) or maybe my phone is possessed.

I'm willing to bet it's the second one.


Setting phone on fire.

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