Monday, January 5, 2015

Investments vs Returns

One of the biggest lessons I learnt last year was to invest in a relationship only if you are getting equal or more returns.

That is is okay to be selfish enough to expect equal amount of love and affection and respect in return for the emotions you are investing.

This was an important lesson mostly because all my life I have taken upon myself to make sure I rescue people out of the emotional shit they are going through by sacrificing my own emotional (as well as physical) health. (you see, then I would not just eat my own emotions, but also emotions of the people I am being the anchor to - now I have made amends, though.)

I'm not saying I am no longer available for them.  I am.  But expecting that they respect me in return is what I have realised is not wrong.

Every one of us goes through shit.  We all have our battles to fight and demons to slay.  I am fighting it out on a daily basis, and so are you.  They may be different, not saying mine are bigger demons than rest of the world.  But then, if you are going through shit, that does not mean you walk all over me because "you are the only one I open up to".

If you think I am so important in your life, be nice.  Just be nice to me.

And by relationships I mean all kinds - friends, siblings even parents.  I don't know how to elaborate this without offending the "Indian traditions"(because parents have such strong hold on so many of the decisions we make, that they forget that we are individuals and our happiness could be independent of their happiness and they need to accept us as someone who can decide for themselves and some times, we don't need their validation or approval for certain life decisions), but some day we shall catch up over a cup of coffee and talk about it.

On that note, I will end this post.

Mostly because my mooli ke paranthe are ready and omg, first monday of 2015 and I got little running around to do with the information department getting the passes for the upcoming Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and Vibrant Gujarat events and so much chaos, my god.


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