Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to be a celebrity visiting Gujarat

Celebrity is a wide term.  I am using it to even include diplomatic celebrities, like heads of nation and #WorldPeace organisations and movie stars and basically everyone who has been written about in newspapers at least once in their lifetime.

How do you visit Gujarat as a celebrity?  Here are the pointers.

1.  Always, always go to Sabarmati Ashram because that's all we've got as a tourist destination.  Like, really.  Ahmedabad has nothing to offer otherwise, except my amazing company, though.  I am a delight to be around.  (like really, your trip to Ahmedabad is waste if you don't meet me - I am cute, have dimples and am adorable :P)

2.  Always say kem chho.  Nothing pleases us Gujaratis like seeing non-Gujaratis, especially non-Indians go kem chho on us.  If I ever go to Japan, I'll totally go konichiwa on everyone I come across because I'm cool like that.  So, kem chho is the Gujarati konichiwa and we love it.  (If you're British with an adorable accent, even I may find it amusing)

3.  Announce you love Gujarati food - like really - what is there to not like about our food! If you're non-Indian - it suits your taste buds because it totally kills your perception of Indian food being too spicy.  Every Gujarati worth his sugar would be delighted if you know the difference between dhokla and khaman. (yes, they are different items)

Okay, can't think of more right now, also because I got to get ready for work. But I'll be back.

Extreme excaaaaaaaaaite at tomorrow being a holiday because nothing pleases me more than a mid-week holiday.