Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to show you are not my friend?

You hate my guts. In fact, you hate everything about me. Following me on twitter and being my friend on facebook was your guilty pleasure.

Or maybe I was your facebook friend because at some point I played farmville and you wanted me to be your neighbour so you could increase your farm size or hoped that someday I will send out those bushels of grapes or whatever shit you grew on your virtual farm.

But since you had hundreds of friends, you never quite realised I had you on limited profile list, where you could not have access to my wall, my photographs, and I had blocked and reported spam to all farmville and cityville notifications. Yeah. #win

You unfriended me once on facebook. But few weeks later, you again wanted one more neighbour in your farm. You added me again. Never quite realising I never got any of your notifications to join you as a neighbour. And seriously, I can't even tolerate you in real life, why would I want you as my neighbour in a virtual world? *shudders* Also, I was just being polite by accepting your friends request.

And then twitter. Ah, twitter. Lovely, lovely addiction. Even there you follow hundreds of people, while I'm baffled how people keep track of so many people they follow. I'm struggling, but slowly increasing the number cos there are so many awesome people out there!! I digress. So coming back to twitter.

As I mentioned before, you hate me, but going through my tweets, which doesn't have settings like limited profile, were open. You could read, laugh at my tweets, agree/disagree, but never reply. Why? Because you are way above me. It's below you to reply to my lowly tweets.

But you started hating me, and so you had to let me know. You unfollow me. But, every other hour, you visit the profile, read my tweets and burn yourself in anger towards me.

So, seriously, how old are you - emotionally and mentally? And how seriously do you take yourself? And Social Networking?

And not that it matters, but seriously, why are you so negative about everything in general? What is it about people and relationships that make you so insecure that you start taking virtual relationships so seriously?

If my presence didn't affect you, why go to such lengths to show you are not my friend? :-)


Reshma said...

Ha ha. Well written dudette! :-) Mazaa aa gaya padhke..

Nalin Mehra said...

dhasuuu likha hai.......