Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Young Self,

Dear Young Self,

So you've grown up to be me, so whatever you've done, you've done it right. Of course, a lot of things could've been different. But then, it won't be as much fun, no?

But then, you should've read more books. You picked up reading quite late, and there are thousands of books which you wish you had read, you have bought them and they are resting nicely in the bookshelf. Pick them up and read. Trust me, you won't regret. And if your friends think you are a nerd, well, so be it. They've grown up being losers anyway.

Internet will be addictive. You will meet wonderful people through this medium. They'll become your greatest friends. But, then, they will remain just that. You will know only their internet identity and only what they tell you. Go out and meet real people, make real friends, have crush on people you've actually met/seen. Virtual identity is just that. Virtual.

Before you make career decisions, think. Ask yourself if you like it. Look up other options. Do not just blindly follow the decisions your dad makes for you. He may be knowing a lot of things, but then, he doesn't know everything. Learn to say no, or eventually, when you grow up, and you don't listen to your dad, you'll get distanced.

Along with accepting failure, learn to accept heartbreaks. You will come across men who will hurt you so much that you'll start up distrusting every other guy who comes in your life. Don't let one person's act scar you for life. Have faith in yourself, your heart will heal itself. You are stronger than you think.

Be a little selfish. Love yourself a little more than you love people around you. It's not wrong.

Enjoy the #smalljoys of life.

Keep in touch with your friends. I know you like to go into your shell and not keep in touch withe people, but it only harms you. Go out, make an effort to keep in touch with them. Meet them, call them up. You'll feel better.

But then, all said and done, just be your awesome self. You may want to regret a few decisions, but then in the hindsight, it always happens for a reason.

lots of love,

older, but not wiser,



Nishal Joseph said...

well written.
reminds me of the song - everybody is free to wear sunscreen by baz luhrmann :)

Nirwa Mehta said...

@ Nishal

Thanks :)

Alok Rai said...

dont mind i like to read ur blog ur write it very well and precise.