Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Second Freedom Struggle

Yeah, right.

All those who're going, "we support Anna Hazare in his struggle for getting us second independence", please go read up definitions of democracy. Also, before posting facebook statuses like act of police of putting anna in jail is undemocratic, please look up the definition of undemocratic also. I could post links here, but am just too bored.

I'm sick and tired of people comparing the delhi police arresting hazare and company with the british atrocities. Please go back to school and read history. There is a difference between fasting against britishraj, and fasting to armtwist the government in a theoretically fully functional democratic country.

I'm not justifying what the police or the government did.. but at the same time, what anna is doing is blackmailing. I've read bits and parts of the drafts of the bills, but since I've not read them fully, I shall refrain from commenting on them, but I remember anna had said long back that he will go on fast from 16th august if the bills are not passed. Now, that's a threat. Secondly, you refuse to accept the fact that the government has drafted a bill. If you don't agree with teh bill, show your outrage against the draft, getting it redrafted.. But giving such watertight deadlines, and refusing to acknowledge any steps taken in the direction is just arrogance.

Also as @shenoyn pointed out these guys are all talking about bringing those who're corrupt/taken bribes to task, what about those who've paid? What about the evil itself?

Oh, don't give me the at least some step is better than no step in that direction crap, I know all that shit. I support the cause, not the method. I want India to be a corruption free country, but I refuse to support Anna in his fasting mission.

I refuse to call this fasting drama a second struggle to freedom. We have already been freed 64 years back. It's because of that freedom that today I am able to write this blog, you are reading this, and Anna is fasting. The constitution of a soverign socialist secular democratic republic of India gives me the freedom to express myself. But it does not give me the freedom to coerce the government.

Yes, there are thousands of things wrong with the people running the country, and yes, we complain that we only have chosen them, and I don't even know what is the solution to that. But I refuse to support a fast unto death threat.

Just because someone wears white kurta/pajama and a Nehru topi, he doesn't become a Gandhian. I've known and met Gandhians in my life and they are very, very, humble and sensible people. How many other Gandhians are supporting hazare? Also, who decides he is a Gandhian? Just because he goes on a fast, he is a Gandhian? Gandhi was a great man. He was one of the men instrumental in getting us this freedom, with the help of truth and non violence. Not with threats or coercion.

Anyway, I'm done with my #outrage here. You may want to see what the rest of the internet world is searching for about Anna Hazare

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