Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes I Can


So exams are not the barometer to show how awesome I am. But then, clearing one part of the toughest exam of the country (trust me, cracking IITJEE and CAT is *nothing* against the ordeal called chartered accountancy, still not sure why I took up this course) is just an awesome feeling.

It was not my first attempt at CA Final exam. If the three year long internship at Deloitte wasn't grueling enough, CA Final course was enough to make someone suicidal.

So, after a couple of attempts when I got an exemption (it's a complicated process how marks work, just read, don't go into technicalities - not worth the effort :P) in finance paper, I finally decided to take it one group (4 papers) at a time. So this time in May, I took 3 papers (1 subject exempt). For the first time, I stayed up all night for the last exam of law. I think after the exams got over, I was almost hallucinating. Staying up till late (say 3 am) is one thing, and not sleeping for a moment for over 36 hours is another. Especially when there is so much stress and you don't do it on a regular basis.

I got 58 in that paper. It is somehow very heartening. Not that it's a fantastic score. But it's not a borderline score for so much effort you've put in.

For now, seeing the words "PASS" written on my marksheet is super comforting.

I've finally managed to break the vicious cycle.

Yes, I can.

ps - yea, I think I am still hallucinating. Am travelling for work, currently in Coimbatore, leaving for Ooty on 21st, returning back home on Sunday. I feel highly emotional right now. I want to hug my mommy right now.

pps - I've cleared ONE group, and I still have ONE more group before I become a CA, which I will take in November, so I'm almost there :)


Shiv said...

Congrats genius!

Mancunian said...

great job nirwa! it takes a lot of courage to reappear again and again...now i know! :-)

Nirwa Mehta said...

@ Shivji, thank you :D

@ Mancunian, BP!! :D :D thanks! :) lets meet up sometime.. :)