Friday, December 3, 2010

Snap, Snap, Snap!

So today I decided I should look more human. I had been putting off a haircut for sometime only because, "i am home only, whats the point in getting a haircut" or "I'll get a haircut when I get a new job". But then, till I get myself a new job, I can't start looking like I have broom stuck on my head. Or ostrich feathers, for that matter.

So I went to this salon where I usually get my haircut. The lady at the reception asked me if I had anyone particular who I'd trust with my precious hair? I said, no one in particular, and hoped the woman who gave me particularly crooked haircut sometime back doesn't come. :P

So the guy who was the show off his talent on my hair was, well, had pierced ears, pierced eyebrows, hair coloured to a shade of copper, and very, very, very goodlooking. If only he didn't have those disgusting piercings and the peroxide shaded hair. And he started the most difficult conversation.

He : So what would you like to have?
Me : (chai, coffee?) Haircut.
He : Any particular style?
Me : No.
He : So what would you like to have?
Me : Umm, not too short.
He : Layers?
Me : No, just evenly trim the hair, but not too short.
He : When was the last time you got a haircut?
Me : 6 months back. (In my defense, DUDE, I was busy, busy doing nothing. :P)
He : You should get a haircut every 6 weeks.
Me : Yes. I know. (pointing to a guy in the corner) He told me the same thing last time.
He : What shampoo do you use?
Me : Pantene.
He : Use l'oreal. (no prizes for guessing I went to a l'oreal affiliated salon)
Me : Sure.

So today, the guy cutting my hair was very scissor-happy person. He must've helped me shed at least 100 grams weight. And every time his hands came near my nose/cheeks, there was a very peculiar smell. It was a good smell. :D Not the nicotine/gutkha smell. :P

So while I was there, I looked around, other women/men getting haircuts and other treatments. Some were having their hair straightened, while others were getting them coloured. Now, I dont understand the straight hair bit. They look so poker straight and don't have any kind of natural flow, don't go wild when wind gushes, how do women like these hair? I like my wavy hair, though I do complain a lot, but I still like my hair - at least they don't appear lifeless. (except on days when I haven't shampooed for like 4 days, like today morning)

And have you seen how they straighten their hair? It's like putting them on some aluminum foil and all - you have to hate your hair to undergo that!

And damn, all these things are so expensive! 6-10k for hair straightening, which last for like 6 months. So when your naturally curly hair grow back, you look like Veena Mallik in her just-woken-up look. Who has so much spare money for all this?

The other day, I went with my sister for a haircut, and the salon people tried to coax us into one such treatment. Hair bonding or something. So, out of curiosity, we took a package "menu" and left.

On our way home, I looked at it, it said,

Hair Rebonding : Rs. 8000
Bridal Package : Rs. 6000.

So, I said something to my sister which she believes is the funniest thing I said that day.

"wtf, 8k for hair rebonding and 6k for bridal package, i'd rather become a bride then."

Now, the incoherency level in the post is going up, so I will go now. I have to pack my bags as I leave for Bangalore tomorrow early morning. My mom is getting panic attacks that I have not yet started packing. I tell her I will do it after bigg boss ends at 10 pm, she had a mild heart attack at that. So I will go put some clothes on the bed so she feels I am packing :D I could have kept the packing for tomorrow morning also, but Mom would've sleep walked into my room and packed my bags herself, and put in my worst clothes. Hmph.

So, folks, see you guys later :D

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