Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am a total sucker for romantic comedies. I have grown up on a staple diet of yash chopra/karan johar/Suraj Barjatiya kind of movies and though I make fun of them, I still enjoy watching them for their grandness. The only actor who can still make me go weak in my knees is Salman Khan.

I have always wanted my life to have a hindi movie like feel to it. Rather, not just hindi movie, any romantic/romantic comedy movie. They are just so awesome. Of course, my all time crush on William Darcy (like every other girl who has read/seen Pride and Prejudice) makes me want to come across someone like Darcy. (unfortunately, no Darcy yet)

Talking about romantic movies, I saw Serendipity today again. The exasperation John feels when he is -><- this close to find Sara, and yet he can't find her makes me want to break into the screen and bring them together from the corner of the street and yell at them.

So, do we really come across people through chance encounters and can we really end up falling madly in love with them? I would want to believe it, but at the same time, the cynic in me tells me what a fool I am to begin with to expect fiction become reality for me. How I have hoped to meet the guy I had strong crush on, one time, just one time, and that has never happened.

There have been times when I have been in the same city (esp when I am in different city and the guy I have a crush on lives in another) as the guy, and hoped to just bump into him.. maybe at the airport, or at the movie theatre, or just randomly on the street. But that just does not happen. Of course, I could have called him then and we could have met up at a predecided time and a pre-decided place, but that isn't usually how things happen, because you see, when we are in the same city, at that precise time, we have had some sort of gross misunderstanding, and we haven't talked in weeks. So, all my hopes were entirely on chance.

So, what goes wrong? Don't they say that fiction needs inspiration from reality? Don't any of these things happen in real life to real people? Yes, so films are all larger than life and all that shit, but c'mon, in real life, don't we meet complete strangers who end up becoming a beautiful part of your life?

Has it ever happened to you?


jEDI said...

Of course it happens. In real life as well.. not to everyone and not often but it does.

Sometimes though, taking the initiative matters and making the best of what one has but of course, the heart can dream.. And why not ? It's all about 'feeling' anyway :)

arpz said...

I once did meet someone like that - an almost fairytale, but only to end with a bitter ending, so I decided reality is where we need to be in, n look how totally beautiful baby M is :)