Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Travel

History invokes various emotions in me. As a kid, with exams to write, I dreaded the subject because I could not understand the difference between Mahmood Gazni and Mahmood Ghaznavi. Years later, thanks to Wikipedia, I got to know they are the same, just called differently in different history text books. Without the phenomena called internet on my fingertips, it was all too much for my small brain to process.

Also, this particular emperor loved looting temples. He was the income tax officer of India in 11th century. Of course, we being Indians, as we are, whenever he would strike and loot a temple, we would always assume that this is the last time he's invaded and looted. But no, like the wild card entries in Bigg Boss house, he kept coming back and kept looting. Among many temples he looted, one was the Sun Temple at Modhera. The Wikipedia link to the temple is here. And other antics and conquests of the emperor could be found here.

Last week I had a chance to visit the Sun Temple and the moment I saw the temple (which is still standing tall and beautiful after all these years of torture), I knew I was a queen in my previous janam. I mean, I had to be a queen who lived in such awesome structures.
Just look at this ceiling, such architecture.. such intricate carvings.. so so so pretty! Such a perfect circle! And if it looks so pretty after a thousand years, I cant imagine how pretty it must have looked when it was newly constructed.

I was lost in thoughts wondering that at this very place, a crazy mughal emperor must've barged in, sitting on his animals and looted the place off its solid gold statues! Well, at least he had the sense to not to destroy the structure.

It was fascinating to see the step tank.. and the perfectly chiseled steps, which are perfect even today, after all these years! This structure has stood the test of time.. and passed it with flying colours! :p

Enlarge and read - it's in Hindi - a little history about the temple.. (or you could wikipedia it too.. :P And also read hte personal appeal by Jimmy Wales)

The structure is crumbling now.. after almost 1000 years.. though it is very much there, and makes me wonder, how will it be to visit the same place after a thousand years? :D

Perhaps, a thousand years hence, I will be a queen again. Till then, I will just hope a prince somewhere comes and sweeps me off my feet. (ok, no sweeping off the feet jokes)


anoop said...

very nice narration, as always!
I wish I could write this well :|

Nirwa said...

@ Anoop

:) Thanks, I wish I could take better pictures.. :) the day i get DSRL camera.. :)

Ujjaval said...

You can make (even) history intresting!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the thread that was weaved to inter-connect different tales both personal and historical in the narration. - Prometheus