Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Decade That Was

It just dawned upon me that the first decade of the century is coming to an end. It was quite an eventful decade. Not bad, not good, just eventful.

So this was the decade where I wrote my first board exams, and then, the exams never stopped, hell, even after all these years, i am still taking them. well, at least the good thing is, i don't get nervous about exams now - not a bead of sweat on my forehead before i appear for the first of the many papers. Damn, i remember my 10th board exams in march.. 12th march if i am not mistaken I had my English paper and I was wearing a pink lucknowi salwar kameez for that test. and that was in 2001. see my tez memory? faster than a computer!

Then my first day in new school.. when we had to change schools after 10th, and not knowing anyone there.. making new friends... and those adolescence crushes.. and receiving first ever 'proposal' which was refused in the most sincere way possible.. :) (dude, i was 16!!)

My first trip abroad, and travelling all alone from ahmedabad.. again at 16.. without any clue about a lot of things.. :) which was fun in its own way! :) that was the first stamp on my passport and will never be forgotten.. :) (though the passport is now cancelled after i got a new one after turning 18)

The first day at college.. where I was all excited but eventually all excitement fizzled out and I ended up cursing karan johar for creating a rosy picture of college in my mind when college is exactly the opposite! no cute guys in the class and they were all so lame! no cute seniors either! sigh, sad life at HLCC indeed.

Getting my driving licence. :)

Death of my grandmother. That's when i realised how important it is to tell people you love to let them know that you love them. It may be too late. She had a peculiar sandalwood smell on her.. she would do the pooja and do sandalwood tikas on statues of gods, and wipe off her hands on her saree.. so the smell would always remain with her.. even today, after almost 6 years also, i can still smell the sandalwood randomly.. at nights.. when i am watching tv.. it just comes and goes as if to remind me she's still around, guarding us.. watching us.. :)

The first time i voted. It felt good to be a responsible citizen and fulfilling the duty of casting the vote, though i wish that in general elections, advani was not the representative from my constituency, i don't like him! i knew i should've voted for the candidate with ice cream as a chunavchinha.. :)

My first day at Deloitte. Oh, god! How I was an object of everyone's curiosity, where people will pass by me, look at me from a distance, but not approach me and say hi or ask me for lunch! Such weird attitude they had.. but then, since i felt so awful on my first day at work (where I didn't pee for the whole day since i bloody didnt know where the friggin loo is), i made it a point to be friendly to all the newbies.. :) 20th June, 2007 will never be forgotten.. :)

My first audit assignment.. the first time we stayed up past midnight at work.. the first time i reached home at 3 am from office.. the first time we were stopped by policemen at 2 am and bags were checked for explosives (in their defence, there were blasts in ahmedabad just a week before) the first time i met with an accident on the way from office to home (at again 1:30 am) where my immediate boss was driving the car to drop us home.. the feeling that you could've been -><- this close to death! (though no injury happened to either of us, we were quite shaken up) the first outstation audit assignment.. :) it was all good fun.. :) of course, with that, i also remember my last day at deloitte.. :)

Of course, one cannot forget (and in my case, even forgive) all the heart breaks.. :) I am the wrong guy magnet.. always attracting the ones who are totally wrong for me. But i guess deep within i always knew that neither of them was The One. As I say, I think I am the female version of Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. :) I still hope to find Mr Darcy.. somewhere.. :) (yea, so am obsessed with pride and prejudice - kill me!)

And then buying my own car (well, not completely, paid for it partly with the measly stipend i got.. rest was paid was dad.. but hey, i still contributed for it and it gives me immense pride in that.. :) )

And at the end of it, it has been a decade of meeting new people, forming new friends, losing some, but gaining a lot of love in return.. despite what people might say, i have made some very, very good friends through internet, and I love them dearly, and would wish to meet htem someday.. :) I know, in next decade, I will.. :)

Maybe, my next post should be what I want in the next decade.. what say.. ? :)


jEDI said...

Yes. You should. Things I want in the next decade.
May your next decade be a sweet one !

satish said...

mera naam nahi likha be tune, kahin?

Nirwa Mehta said...


:D thank you! :)


abbe kisika nahin likha.. :)

Dhaval Faria said...

Nice one :)

lady-hope said...

hey, this was a nice post.

have been following yr blog fr a long time... the earlier blog and the one previous to that too....

Nirwa Mehta said...

@ Dhaval

Thanks! :)

@ Lady Hope

Hey, thanks! :) For reading and following the blog too! :D