Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2G or not 2G

No offence meant, but I have no idea what's the difference between DMK and AIADMK and like all other political parties in India, look as if they're handling shady deals. I always thought (and still think) the only difference is that one is run by Karunanidhi, who's been like a monument, looking the same way ever since my memory can recollect, and other is run by Jayalalitha. For those who don't know, Jaya is one of the two persons who can be spotten from the outer space. First one being the Dolly Bindra. In fact, she's even been mistaken for a Crop Circle, an alleged means by which the aliens communicate with us humans.

Suddenly everyone is talking about corruption. How its evil tentacles have reached everywhere. People say that we should say no to corruption, and how it all begins on a personal level, like giving a 20 rupees note to the traffic police guy just so he wont fine you for 100 rupees. Of course, the thought of not talking on phone or wearing seatbelt/helmet never crosses our minds. How important it was to make that call to your friend that you are reaching in 15 minutes, you see. I digress.

How many of us strongly believe that anything substantial will come out of the investigation in the mismanagement of funds in the 2G spectrum scam or CWG scam or IPL scam or even Satyam scam? CBI and C&AG will keep on giving in reports, but then what? And how do you know the reports are not doctored? If corruption is at all levels, how can we be sure that CBI and C&AG are clean? How can we know that they may come across something which they may not find substantial? I know how subordinates 'overlook' things when the boss asks you to. It may or may not be material, but the reports are subjective.

How does A Raja's resignation bring any change? Where will he bring back all the money?

At this time, I want to ask about the outcome of Bofors scandal and Fodder scam, oh, and the Taj corridor case? Mayawati's outrageous currency notes garland and the money she spends on erecting statues? Like, wtf? Why doesnt anyone ask them also?

I say, A Raja and co. should be sent to Rakhi Ka Insaaf, and let Rakhi do all the talking. Wonder if anyone will care if she drives one of these men to suicide.

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