Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4

One of the prime reasons for me to watch Bigg Boss is Salman Khan - that's because - the guy does not know the existence of the word "politically correct". Whether his scripts are scripted or not, he comes across very spontaneous and awesomely adorable.

Now, I have always maintained that the season one participants were the best - because of obvious reasons. Rakhi Sawant created a new God called Jhejhus and her super drama when some guy ground garlic in her tea mug. The way she rolled over the floor crying makes me smile whenever I am in a sad situation. :P Needless to say, I have actively followed her show - Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and I was so inpired that I thought of having my own swayamvar too - that wouldn't be such a bad idea! I mean, if douchebags like Rakhi and Rahul Mahajan can have contenders willing to marry them, I am sure I will find someone too. Now, that would be so awesome. I digress.

So coming back to Bigg Boss season four. My immediate thoughts on the show are like this:

1. I have become a fan of Seema Parihar. I mean, she is a formar daaku. How many of us have seen a daaku before? And I would be actually scared to be around her - she does look menacing. Oh, and the way her eyes looked around whever people nominated her - my god, bet even Rahul Bhatt pissed in his pants! And all those who've nominated her - they think she will not come out adn see the episodes? Dude, they are all dead now! :P

2. Ashmit Patel is here to clear his name from the MMS scandal. Yeah, right. And he says that 'woh mera pyaar thi'. Double, yeah, right. Btw, Manoj Tiwari, you fool, the woman in question was Riya Sen, aka Donald Duck of Indian Cinema. As salman rightly pointed out, he cried. The very first day, and everyone around consoled him. Retards, all of them.

3. That lawyer dude. Now, he is Kasab's lawyer and states clearly that the court had appointed him. Thinks he's the wisest of everyone present and acts like the grand daddy of them all. Next week, its his turn to go out.

4. Davinder Singh aka bunty chor - oye lucky, lucky oye! right, with all the abuses he hurled towards BB4, he is evicted. I think he was just scandalised that he would have to live with Seema Parihar and that Begam man/woman and that scared the shit out of him and chose this way to get out of the place before he goes mad.

5. Rahul Bhatt - I have saved the best for the last. Last year, my favourite contestant was Kamal R Khan, the Deshdrohi superhero. For obvious reasons - he was the only entertaining person around. And the fact that he even enacted some of his movie scenes so sincerly shows how he geniunely thinks he is awesome. Rahul Bhatt, I would say, is the muscular version of KRK. He also is the missing link between apes and humans. Those bulging muscles - ew, so so so gross! I am almost tempted to go and pierce a needle to see if he deflates! Or next year, at IPL, instead of MRF Blimp, we could float Rahul Bhatt. I can totally see that Rahul will showoff his dudeness by roaming around the house topless to show off his muscles, which he obviously thinks are sexy. *pukes*

In other news, the commonwealth games opening ceremony was awesome - much pride came when the indian contingent walked in the stadium, cheered adn clapped loudly even when i was alone! :D And kalmadi - is it just me or anyone else also think that he address delhi CM as Mr. Sheila Dixit? :P And I am not even mentioning Abdul Kalam Azad here. Oh, and the pinky pink Prince Charles and the expressionless prez and MMS.

Anyhoo - more fun to be coming over the next 3 months till BB4 is on! :) More updates, later!


Anonymous said...

Oh I agree with you 100%! especially on Rahul Bhatt ROFLMAO. There is so much of drama in the house already! I am thinking lawyer sahab would get voted out this week and the dacoit lady would stay on for some more time (especially after the tear shed today). Its just day 2 and I donno why everyone is crying already.. hmmm...
Keep Blogging! Vishy

Nirwa Mehta said...

@ anon

hahaha, i didn't see second half of the episode yet - will have to catch teh repeats! :D

But Rahul bhatt is quite gross, aint he? :D

Vish Santhakumar said...

oh yes he is. I <3 the human helium baloon tweet of yours :)

Nirwa Mehta said...

:D Thanks! :D