Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adding spice to the life!

When I first started blogging a few years back, blogger was still not a part of google. Back then I had a lot to talk about - my everyday life, my college, the weird dudes in my class, the crazy professors.. now suddenly, everything seems too insignificant. Its as if suddenly I feel that there is nothing new happening in my life.

So I thought of making a list of things that should happen in my life to make it more interesting.

1. Find myself a stalker.

How cool would that be. I've never had a stalker before. Of course, that will come with a few conditions - a. he should be goodlooking b. he should have a sense of humour c. he should not be having paan stained teeth. Now that would be so awesome. Of course, he wouldn't be a creep either. These days I keep a look out for anyone suspicious lurking outside my house. You never know! :P

2. Become a profiler.

Yes, so a lot of criminal minds watching happening at my end. I have started profiling everyone around and am going a bit of a crazy myself. I even start profiling the crazy drivers on the road who break traffic signals and overtake from wrong side - 'the unsub has little or no respect for law and will not hesitate before breaking rules'. btw, the character of derek morgan (shemar moore) - he's so so so hot!

3. Become a chef/Start a restaurant.

Yea, am discovering this side of mine - and I must say I am quite a decent cook too! Tomorrow also I will be making a subji from a recipe by a friend. If it turns out well, will post details about it! :D Also, watching the firangs cook indian food on travel and living (now TLC) makes me heart ache!! such absurd proportions of spices! Bet they wouldnt be able to put one spoonful of it in their mouths! foolish people! and as regards to opening restaurant, its just taht I dont have much money with me! :P So that plan could be put on hold for the time being!

4. Become a lecturer.

Generally. Not the academic subject lecturer, but a motivational speaker. I attended a few of them on some random people's insistence, and I realised I can speak so much better than these jerks! And tell me, who would you much rather prefer, an old man with weird markings on his forehead wearing skimpy and shady outfits, or a cute girl with a smile on her face?

5. Join politics.

So the municipal corporation elections are coming up in Ahmedabad. I just got to know that 2 of the candidates are missing and abduction is suspected. What a thrilling life. But thats not the only reason I want to become a politician. I want to become one so that in next election, if that fool advani is still alive and wants to contest from his constituency Gandhinagar (thats my constituency too) he has some awesome competition! :D And hten, maybe I could also get to meet Shashi Tharoor and induce him to leave that pushkar woman, or even better, ask either of his twin sons to marry me! :D :D I know, quite manupulative I am!

Enough of all this now - time to give the laptop some rest - will watch yet another episode of criminal minds before I sleep!

Maybe I should address my Dad as "UNSUB" from now! LOL! His expressions would be priceless, since he wouldnt have any idea what I am talking about! hahahaha!

I love my evil mind! :P

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