Sunday, August 31, 2014

Things that keep me awake

I have issues.

While a lot of what I say or do does not make sense, and I am perfectly fine with rest of the world not making sense because I like chaos over order, but then when I realise there is something that just does not make sense and I want to make sense and I cannot make sense I spend sleepless nights.

I have many such things that keep me awake all night.

No, it is not something as lame as what is the purpose of life. Dude, the purpose of your fucking life is to make sure you do not die.

But have you ever noticed how the oxygen, which is the single most important thing to keep you alive, is slowly killing you by the process of oxidation? Maybe we should all practice slow breathing techniques and hold our breath or something and fool oxygen or something.

Anyway. So today morning I woke up and decided I wanted to watch TV.  Parents returning today so I am going to soak in all the television I can before I leave for airport to pick them up.  And while I was watching TV, this wild song appeared out of nowhere.

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There are few things about this song that don't make sense.  Why is Hema and Shatrughan Sinha selling Chanachor garam in a jail when Manoj Kumar is about to be hanged? And why are they so excited about selling chanachor garam when Kumar may be killed as soon as the frolicking is over?

Also, Dilip Kumar. Means why.

Why spike chanachor garam? If I were an Angrezo ke zamane ki jailor, they'd need paani puri to lure me or something. Chanachor garam is just not as exciting.

Also, why are they so excited at the prospect of the chanachor garams having a mind of their own? mera chana hai apni marzi ka. Dude, what is it? An unruly teenager?

Why is chane ki aankh sharabi? why does it have haal (or is it gaal?) gulaabi? And why is then like a kudi punjabi? WHY DOES IT NAACHO CHHANAN CHHANAN?

Is this chanachor garam some sort of creative euphemism for something I've not figured out now?

Like I realised how the zubaan pe laaga namak isaaq ka from Omkara has such an indecent interpretation is this song also something else? IS CHANA SOMETHING ELSE?

ARE THEY REFERRING TO THEMSELVES AS CHANA? If I were to refer to myself as a food item, I'd probably call myself cookie or something. I AM A TOUGH COOKIE TO BREAK.

It is because of songs like these that I have issues.  Anxiety issues among other issues.

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