Monday, August 11, 2014

Shikhandi And Other Tales They Don't Tell You

As someone who loves Hindu mythology, Shikhandi And Other Tales They Don't Tell You by Devdutt Patnaik is a lovely read.

And having known someone who is a homosexual and his everyday struggles.. and everyone who tells him how Hinduism is against it and how the law makes his existence illegal, reading about how queerness was just a way of life, even for Gods, just makes you realise how much is lost in interpretation.

And how our ancient scriptures, the folk tales and the epics were actually way too modern (not necessarily for the Pushpak Viman came before Wright Brothers theory) than their modern day interpretations are.

The collection of 30 stories, with commentary on the same, questioning the translation, interpretations we grew up reading, is a delightful read.

Nature does not differentiate, nature includes all.  Democracy is more like people in power trying to decide what is right and what is wrong and pass off their own thoughts as laws.

Patnaik's latest book is a quick read, giving you lovely insights without really being preachy because queerness is a delicate subject.

Handled very, very well, I'll give this book a four stars out of five.

Name: Shikhandi And Other Tales They Don't Tell You
Author: Devdutt Patnaik
Price: Rs. 299
Courtesy: Flipkart

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