Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister - Apple and Harley advertisement

What better time to come out with a 'political thriller' where the fictional prime minister is not from either of the major parties than the 2014 general elections looming over our heads? Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister by Tabrik C has an interesting theme, starts off well, but somewhere along the line, the plot is lost.

It spans out more like a 300+ page advertisement of Apple and Harley Davidson.  Because of course India will have a cool PM, Sidharth Tagore in 2016 who loves his Harley.  And his opponent, one Rukmani Devi, who likes to listen to Siddharth's speech on her iPad.  Attention to details, you see.

It seems a bit of a rushed affair, because though the plot is promising, there are lot of loose ends.  Or probably I'm not bright enough to understand the subtleties the author has used.

Or maybe I just spaced out midway because the whole book keeps shifting between 85-86 to 90s to 2016-17.  And there are some 1 page chapters, and then he jumps to a different time period.  At some point I stopped reading which year I'm reading about and started playing guessing game about which period he's talking about from the content.  I think I had a mild headache after I finished reading.

And the nuclear blast that takes place in the book in the first chapter, does not find any mention till the book is over.  You are left wondering isn't the book about the Prime Minister who will miraculously save India from a terror attack? Because I was hoping it would be that.  I was a tad disappointed because I actually had a lot of hopes from the book.

All that aside, if I ever get to meet the author, I would like to tell him I like his name. Tabrik. I may or may not have developed a crush on his name.

Anyway. I think it is worth reading once, but finish it in one go, because if you give it a break, you'll have to re-read it to get back into it.

Book: Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister
Author: Tabrik C
Price: Rs. 350 (Pre-order now for Rs. 263 on FlipKart)
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Neha Sharma said...

Amazing characterization, interesting story...leaves u curious to know d next twist n is wonderfully written...
I loved this book so much!!!
It's really interesting.i have read it for more than five times and it is still amusing for me.....
A must buy book.I bet that who have this book u can finish it in one day because once you have taken it in your hand you can't put it down.

Menachery said...

Well I really could not read it all in a Day. its witty yet blaah at times. The only saving grace is the strong Protagonist