Monday, January 20, 2014

A Wedding I Attended

I suck at small talk.  Even more when I'm expected to talk to people I'm not particularly fond of.  And I am related to a lot of people I am not too fond of.

Last evening I spent amidst people, some I like, some I don't and some I tolerate because if I don't bow down to take their blessings, mother would disown me.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't hate all my relatives.  I even like some of them.  But then, whats the point of having relatives if you are not allowed to get irritated by them?

It was a cousin's wedding last night and despite my protests on attending it and even trying to throw the "I've to go to work" card, mother didn't relent.  She even tried to get me to dance, but I didn't pay any heed and pretended to be busy on a call when in reality no one ever calls me.  Except my boss, maybe.

Anyway, I just thought of documenting the evening I spend avoiding people for posterity sake.

I am also coming up with a "How to avoid small talk 101 series." Stay tuned.

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