Sunday, October 27, 2013


So I am not a music person. I usually listen to songs while driving, and mostly the radio.  I do not have a "go to" playlist of songs which I hear when I need to lift my mood.  (usually, browsing kitteh, doggeh and other animals pictures, and memes over the internet, and other wonderful things over the internet does the trick)

So when a friend suggested way back in August to book my tickets for the Rahmanishq concert by Celkon mobiles, I shrugged it off.  The thought of being in middle of a crowd, in Ahmedabad, where there is insane amount of noise made me shudder.  Plus, I'm not a Rahman fangirl.  I mean, I do like his songs, but I've never felt his songs "grow on me" the way most people feel.

But then, when I got invited to attend the pre-event press conference, I kicked myself and wished I had got my tickets.  (on second thoughts, not really, the tickets were oversold, and the thought of so many humans gathered at one place still sends chill down my spine.  Also one of the reasons I'm #foreveralone) But, as everyone says, maybe attending that concert might have been a great experience.  I mean, it's not everyday you get Rahman to sing for you.  Live.

But then, I had my own moment.  I was under the same roof as Rahman and his team, which included (damn, I forgot most names, sorry, not a music person, really, really sorry - see, would've remembered if you guys would've given autographs and all) Neeti Mohan and Javed Ali and Ranjit Barot and Shweta Pandit and Harshdeep Kaur amongst other people.

Sadly, the crowd at the pre-event meet was not well managed.  I especially felt bad for Celkon mobile executives, because it was saddening that the people were busy clicking pictures of the singers while the executives introduced the company, phones and its features. (again, I forgot names of the phones they launched, but they are Rahmanishq series phones) 

So, Celkon people, as someone who is a part of the media, let me assure you, it is not as bad always.  Next time, maybe keep some distance between the celebs and the first row of audience. And maybe a bigger hall. :|

A R Rahman. OMG.
Wish he had sung a few lines for us.  Kya chala jaata agar 2 lines gaa leta. If he would've insisted, I would've totally sung 2 lines for him.  I'm humble like that.
Javed Ali :D
He won my heart. <3 2="" also="" as="" bahara.="" but="" couldn="" driving="" e="" for="" got="" grinning="" he="" i="" jashn="" lines="" minutes="" not="" of="" omg.="" on="" only="" p="" photographers="" playing="" posed="" radio="" sang="" song="" soon="" stage="" stop="" t="" that="" the="" to="" two="" venue.="" very="" was="" while="">
Sigh.  All these singers.

I feel so talentless.

Maybe I'll just browse through stuff over internet and sleep.  It is almost Monday.

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