Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have a problem with your music

I do not understand music.  I mean, most of my music related experience is limited to radio while I drive.  I do not wait eagerly for the next Rahman hit to come out and I don't really have my go-to playlist of songs which I listen when I'm feeling down.

I'm not trying to put music lovers down.  In fact, I'm almost jealous of people who live by it.  I have tremendous respect for those who create music and those all who can sing.  I don't even sing in my head while taking a shower.

However, I do have a problem when your listening to music creates problem in my life.  Let me explain.

You thought jaywalking pedestrians are annoying? Imagine a jaywalker with earphones in his ears, listening to music.  They are oblivious to the world and since they cannot hear you honking at them for thinking the road belongs to their pappa, all you end up with is anger.  Oh, and if he would've walked into regular paced - rules obeying - properly driven car, it is still your fault because there are no rules for pedestrians.  It's like, you pay your taxes only so that they make roads and cows can sit on them and remaining for music-listening wtf-is-zebra-crossing jaywalkers.

And then, they will coolly walk into the dedicated BRTS route, without seeing a speeding bus come towards them, and when they meet with an accident, it is the bus, which is part of Bus RAPID Transit System, which is at fault for speeding in its dedicated lane.  I'm not justifying buses here, because seriously, the only things I'm afraid of on roads of Ahmedabad are municipal corporation run buses, which are conspicuously tilting towards left for reasons best known to them.  But then, you cannot blame others when you are not really following basic sense.

And no, listening to music while walking isn't the only problem.  There are bravehearts who have their iPods plugged in while driving their two-wheelers.  Because they are so cool.  And they cannot hear any other speeding vehicle which may be trying to overtake them because fuck safety.  Of course, the concept of blind lane turning also doesn't scare them because they'd rather listen to music (dammit, I cannot even come up with names of bands because I don't even know any - I have no clue about English music) instead of a car honking which is slowly taking a blind turn from the other side because who likes *that* sound?

So I have a problem with people listening to music.

When it creates nuisance for me on the road.

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