Friday, July 26, 2013

The one where I ramble at 7 am

When a cockroach thought it was an opportune time to die and fall into my mug of milk yesterday morning, little did I know how that the day will end of a high note with a lot of good things happening almost throughout the day.

And then I also had 2 cups of coffee, so I was also riding high on caffeine and well, I haven't slept well.  Which is okay, because weekend.  Yes, these days I look forward to weekends because it kind of gives me a break from people.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate people, but so much socialising over the course of the week drains me and I need the solitude to recover.

That, or non-work related socialising. LOLJK.  Ever since most of my friends moved out of the city and/or got married, I haven't felt so lonely as I do these days.  And I had very few friends to begin with anyway.

That and a lack of the special someone who not only wants to doobofy in my jheel si aankhein, but also the dimple on my right cheeks.  And then, even the weather is such that you kind of crave for some company to..

... walk along the riverfront and sit on the bench, munching on peanuts, as the light breeze brings a few stray strands of my sathya sai babaesque hair playfully over my face and talk about anything and everything under the sun. (okay, not sun - it gets so hot here that Ahmedabad should declare itself as a part of the sun already - but we can talk anything and everything under the sunless sky, okay?)

... sit on one of those concrete benches the municipal corporation has put up all across the city.  I really want to do that someday.

... coffee-pizza-movie nights. C'mon, who doesn't want one such cliched date nights? Okay, maybe I am filmy.

... omg. surprise flower(s).

... bike rides. (yes, I'm still waiting for the 2 am bike ride)

... holding hands, and finding one of us has sweaty hands, followed by ewwws and threatening to rub the sweaty palm on other person's face.

Omg. I'm so gross at most all  times.

Is that the reason I'm still single? :|

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