Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why mothers are awesome

Mornings in the Mehta household are never a quiet affair.  Everyone, including me (though I realised it late) are morning people and we are incredibly chirpy every morning.  Even if dad and I have had argument the previous night, all is forgotten when he tells me I look like Lalita Pawar with one one sleepy droopy eye.

Our neighbours don't need alarms.  When my mother talks, she could be heard in even pachaas kos door gaanws.  Every morning she will wake up our domestic help's 3 kids and ask them which birds and animals came home the previous day to eat the grains and drink water.  After a satisfied answer, she will send one of the kids on the roof to refill the grains we put out for birds.  All this happens by 7:30 am.  At this time, our gardener will arrive and she will try talking to him in broken Hindi (she has not learnt a thing from the Hindi serials) and tell him not to trim a particular tree's branches because a bird has created a nest there.

Randomly, she will make a 'koooo' sound.  This sound is similar to the cuckoo's singing.  That's my signal that the kitchen is available to me for making my breakfast.  We give cuckoo signals to each other.  Sometimes, I go 'koooo' to tell her that I've taken and shower and she can stop giving me dirty looks.

She is the only person who watches Sasural Simar Ka on Colors Tv religiously.  She even knows the repeat timings so she can catch up on it if she misses the original episode.  Oh, and when she watches Ekta Kapoor serials, and if you're sitting with her, she will spot a glitch in the storyline and say aloud, "Ekta gundi, she thinks I don't know anything? I am one smart ladies." (ladies is pronounced as ladijh - I think she heard someone say that and picked up)  This is usually followed "Ektadi nonsense."

Even when I would tell her not to keep waiting for me for lunch or dinner, she will invariably stay up and wait for me.  This makes me feel incredibly guilty and now I am going to use the brahmastra - I'm going to give her my kasam.  Mothers can never overrule a kasam. 

She has been in Bangalore since Wednesday last week, and she comes back today.  I was all on my own and I missed having her around.  I see piles of unwashed clothes (yes, I'm going to wash them now before she comes home and decides to wash them in the night) and having to make my own meals, I just realise how she just makes things seem easy. 

She just magically makes life better.

And so, you just forgive her for embarrassing you by calling you 'baby' and 'cookie' in public.


Shiv said...

Such a nice post!!

Vishwa said...

awww! *wipes off a tear*

Reshma :) said...

so touching. And so true. Even for me, at times, I may hate my mom so much, but I truly love her the most...and love to hug her, and sleep while hugging her, daily, whenever she stays with me :)

God bless you Nirwa. And, God bless our moms.