Monday, August 27, 2012

Take your mother out on a date

So the other day, I took mom out for coffee.

Our typical 'family outing' is with the three(or four/five if sister and brother in law are around) of us going to the regular restaurants we go, ordering the usual food.  Coffee never appeared on our list.

Sometime back, mom joked with me that I never take her out for coffee.


So, last Saturday, I took her out to Chocolate Room.

"Hot or cold?"

"No, I'll have cold coffee".

"Do you want to try the espresso?" I grinned.

"No, it would be too bitter", she said, making a face.

I was going through the menu to see what else she would like.  While suddenly she saw something in the kitchen.  I turned back to see what made her smile.  They were making someone's chocolate shake, in a giant glass, with whipped cream and a ferrero rocher on top of it.  She had the brightest twinkle in her eye.

"Do you want to order that?", I asked.

"What is that?" she smiled like a 3 year old.

"Chocolate shake, they have it for different chocolates, do you want one in Kitkat?" Kitkat is our family's favourite chocolate.

"Let's order one between the two of us, it's too big, I wont be able to finish", she said.

I ordered one Kitkat shake and a plate of nachos, so that we don't get sick of the sweetness in the shake, and also to break the taste.

As soon as our order came in, her face lit up.  It was almost as if the roles had reversed.  It wasn't a mother taking her daughter out for a treat, it was a daughter taking her mother out! She took the first sip and was delighted.  After taking a few sips, she offered it to me.  In total, I had some 3 sips from it and she finished off the entire chocolate shake! She was almost sad that she could not drink the last few drops of chocolate sauce which was stuck at the bottom of the glass.

The satisfied smile on her face made me realise how much it must have meant it to her.  And also made me wonder why I didn't bring her with me before!

I always thought she wouldn't want to come with me for coffee, but I guess, she was just waiting to be asked.


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Such a cute post! :) Way to go, Nirwa.

Viju said...

Really very nice :-)
'....but I guess, she was just waiting to be asked' is so true. If only many more of us realized this :-)

Nalin Mehra said...

Cho chweet!

Madhav Mishra said...

hee hee hee ;)

Shiv said...

Sweet post.

Spellanzani said...

Moms are bestu :)

Reshma said...

Beautiful :)

I have my own memories of taking out mom for such dates: Her first step on the Mall 'escalator' (& then, some more), her first visit to a multiplex cinema Hall (she was totally thrilled..and loved watching a Bengali movie with such pomp!), her constant worry about the HIGH prices of eatables in the Mall cinemas (she is worried her daughter shouldn't spend so much! Gosh :P)...and then...her face lighting up at seeing & buying such varieties of sarees in high-end shops in Kolkata (something that's not there in our hometown Kharagpur).

I will just go on and on :)

Keep writing Nirwa. Life is indeed beautiful with our moms' face lighting up !! :) :)

Cheerssssssss :)

Arwa H said...

Aww... im taking my mom out today! oh, wait, let me start to earn first!