Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Please don't smoke

I'm allergic to smoke.

As a child, I don't remember celebrating Diwali bursting firecrackers.  I was invariably down with cough and cold because of the heavy smoke that would fill the air.  Even today, Diwali at home is a low key affair, with me usually down with cough and cold.

So I don't smoke either.

But I have friends and cousins who do.  When I asked a cousin to quit smoking, he said, 'I am not an addict, I can quit whenever I want to'.  That was five years back.  He now smokes at least 10 cigarettes a day.  Obviously, his will to quit smoking hasn't found a way to him.  Of course, smoking doesn't come alone, alcohol follows.

Last year during the Cricket World Cup finals, his friends had gathered, and he lost control of his drinking and started throwing up while his very pregnant wife had to clean up after him.  Oh, and he has no memories of him puking even in his sleep.  He rubbishes that incident saying all this never happened.  Denial.  He says he has quit drinking and smoking but he does enjoy going to the paan galla just down their apartment every evening and like to chew tobacco so that no one can know that he has had a smoke.

When you have to lie about your action, you know you are doing something wrong.

I have a few friends who smoke too.  Not addicts, but those who 'enjoy' it once in a while.  (oh, some are addicts too).  When you need a substance to feel good about something and generally get a "happy" feeling,  you need to talk about it.  There are friends who could listen and help you out.

I have tried telling them to quit smoking.  But then, they think I am their enemy and they start 'hiding' their smoking escapades.  I know, it is not my business to tell anyone what is good for them and what is not.  To each his own.

At times I wonder if I should stop telling my friends to quit smoking.  And by friends, I mean men and women both.  And then I feel, if I care about my friends, I want them to live longer, happier life, without any kind of substance in their bloodstream.

There are better, safer ways to get a high.  Be around happier people, you will need less of substances to keep you happy. 

So here is an appeal to everyone out there who smokes, please quit. 

Also, trust me, no girl (I can say only from a girl's perspective with complete authority) would want to kiss a guy who has stained teeth and smells like a chimney.


Anand George said...

Just responding to the last line... could you include paan, gutka and tobacco chewing to that list... and of course alcohol..

Bhavin Jadav said...

I remember this incident from about 8 years ago, I used to go to Bombay a few times from Valsad where I worked then for organising my visa to Germany. I'd reach Nariman point early morning, and wait in one of the posh cafes having coffee and breakfast for the embassy office to open. (to be able to afford breakfast in such upmarket cafe seemed like a huge personal achievement after getting first job)
There I saw this girl, she was with a couple of her friends- I can't remember her face now, but I can remember what I felt then- she was probably the most beautiful, angelic girl I had ever seen in my life. I remember making a mental comparison with Aishwarya Rai at the time, and she was certainly better looking. Not someone I'd call Hot or Sexy etc, just an absolute angel. I was thinking to myself I could sell my soul to devil for having this girl in my life.
Then suddenly something changed. She sat down, pulled out a cigarette from her purse and started smoking.
My feelings for her fell from such a height to so low- they must've shattered into a million pieces and she must've heard them. I just had to leave my 120Rs. (of 2004) Bircher Muesli bowl unfinished and leave the spot.

chasing dogs said...

As you rightly said, to each his/her own.