Thursday, August 16, 2012

Middle Eastern Salad: Tabbouleh

I'm not a "foodie". I mean, I love food, but I usually stick to familiar flavours. I wouldn't experiment much with unknown flavours. So when a friend told me sometime back on how she made "Lebanese" food, I was little bit apprehensive on whether I'll like it or not. So she got me some to taste, and it was fab! I loved the flavours and thought of trying it out myself. 

And if you like simple flavours, you must try this out.

So I used cracked wheat (daliya), while the original recipe says bulgur.  I have no idea what bulgar is, but looked up over the internet and here's the difference. But you I didn't have bulgar (I keep typing it as burglar) and usd cracked wheat only. 

Now, before I could make this, my first challenge was to find fresh parsley.  Turns out it is the essence of the recipe.  The herb smells awesome and does bring out the flavour.  It's kind of sad that most of such herbs are not easily available in Ahmedabad. 

Anyway, so once I got the parsley, it was decided we'll have this for dinner. (along with left over daal chawal and bhakhri)

What will you need?

1 small bowl cracked wheat (or daliya)
loads of parsley
2/3 tomatoes
5-6 spring onions
3 spoons lemon juice
salt, pepper
2 spoons extra virgin olive oil

(yea, that's it - no other spices required - you can never go wrong with just salt and pepper, unless you have absolutely no sense of taste and put in way too much salt)

How will you make it?

Pressure cook the daliya.  For 1 bowl daliya, add little over 2 bowls water. ratio should be 1:2:25 type.  We don't want daliya to be runny.  Once they're cooked, you may want to put them in cold water, so that they are separated.  I just mixed them with a spoon and let them cool down, and they were okay.  Cut the tomatoes, spring onions and parsley.  You may also want to add fresh mint to it. I didn't add, because I didn't feel like.

Put all the veggies and greens in a bowl, add olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix.  There will be overwhelming smell of fresh herbs and pepper! I LOVE PEPPER! Anyway, once that's done, put the daliya in it and mix well.

Yeah, that's ready.

This salad is like revenge.  Best served cold. So put it in the fridge for about half an hour.

And it's called Tabbouleh.  I just call it cracked wheat salad. (I actually use the Gujarati word for cracked wheat - faada :P)

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