Saturday, December 13, 2014

When the hunter becomes the hunted

Everyone knows mothers have these superpowers through which they know exactly where your pair of missing earrings are.  Or those important documents which you had kept at a safe, but easily accessible place, which you have forgotten about, are located.

Sometimes I think she hides things only so she can come at last moment to discover stuff and show how superior she is to us.

Mothers are strange that way.

Anyway, so last night, I got home and thought of catching up with my parents.  They had already gone to sleep, but I could hear the radio from their room and thought they might still be awake.  I knocked and mom was staring into her new smart phone screen and reading forwarded messages on WhatsApp.  This is the same mother who thought my computer would burst into flames if I sit in front of it for too long. (good days)

So for next 20 minutes we chat up, update each other on the day's events.. if anything interesting happened.

Just when I was about to go, dad tells me mom may not be able to sleep well tonight.  Why, I ask.

Well, dad has to take some medicines before sleeping and as mom was handing over the tablets, one of them fell down and is now missing.  The missing tablet will not let her sleep.

Knowing fully well how these things make us all anxious, he now turned off the lights and pretended to snore.

No, we need to find out the tablet or even *I* wouldn't be able to sleep.  One tiny pink coloured tablet.

So, we turn on the lights.  And mom and I lie down on the floor after giving strict instructions to dad to not step downstair and hinder our attempts to retrieve the tablet.

At this point, mom and I, both are lying flat on our tummy on the floor, trying to look around for the tablet.  Sprawled across on the floor like that, we both looked like crocodiles.  The three of us could not stop laughing.  Various attempts under various lighting conditions were carried out to find that tablet, and after 20 minutes, we gave up.

With a heavy heart we had to get up from the floor and try and sleep peacefully.

Next day, Mom tried for an hour more, with broom and all other ammunition, to find the tablet, still couldn't.

Even the maid couldn't find it.

So, right now, one tablet has gone missing in the house and I am not able to sleep with the fact that I cannot find the missing tablet.

Where could it go.

But, more than me, it is my mother who is upset.  She cannot believe *SHE* could not find it.

She is afraid she is losing her Midas touch at Lost & Found superpowers she possesses.

At least tonight, I will sleep with the consolation that शिकारी खुद यहाँ शिकार हो गया।

Also, Friday night. <3 favourite="" most="" my="" of="" p="" part="" the="" week.="">
Have a great weekend, ya'll. <3 p="">

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