Monday, September 22, 2014

Why this WhatsApp forwarded message made me laugh like a maniac.

So I usually don't care much about forwarded messages.  Especially when they are part of my family group. Most are sexist jokes and I do not find them funny, but ever since I reached the zen state of mind where I give up trying to correct other individuals and accepting their stupidity as a lesson for their karma, I have been happier.

But then, today morning this forwarded message caught my attention (and for a brief moment, I was tempted to roll back up and read other forwarded messages to get my dose of daily laughter (omg, the dosage has gone up, I laugh way more than I thought I could - expecting my cheeks to develop 8 pack abs any moment) but then better sense prevailed).

Anyhooooo. Coming back.

So, this forwarded message made me laugh on various levels.  Firstly, the joke is kinda funny. Not because the lady thinks her tongue is the shatra, but that she was putting kumkum-chawal on it. I almost had an image of a ferocious lady (looking verrrrmuch similar to Lashkar E Foiba, who incidentally forwarded this message) put the said objects on her tongue. OMG. It is howlarious. You have to know my aunt and my entire extended family to know why this is insanely hilarious.

I do not hate my family, ok? I am allowed to make fun of them because I am related to them. At least I am not sitting in a corner and plotting to murder them, unlike my criminally inclined psychotic nephew, who already has blueprint of getting me killed in his head. (no, seriously, if anything were to happen, please to point needle of suspicion towards him, but then in all possibilities I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix because I am awesome like that even in death.)

Anyway, so this particular joke - there is a pumpkin in it. Please to explain why. I mean, I like putting random emojis too, and omg, is that why I find it funny? because of the stupid random emoji placement I can so well relate to? OMG. I AM WARMING UP TO MY FAMILY!

So, a pumpkin. In a joke about Parshuram Jayanti. I have no idea why this is funny, but it is.

Then there's a bug. It has no reason to be there, but it is still there - and then people ask me why I append the snake emoji at the end of messages/tweets.

There is also paw prints. I DID NOT KNOW PARSHURAM WAS A DOG LOVER! OMG.

I know I started trying to decipher why this whatsapp forwarded message is funny, but then, I digressed midway - like always - and now I do not know what to say anymore.

OMG. I am so so so tempted to scroll up and find other gems, but must. control.

In other news, it is Monday today. Almost 7 days to next Monday. OMG.

Hi. #Hi #HIGH

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