Monday, September 29, 2014

Hope and Regret

Hope is the single largest contributing factor to regret.  The more hope you have, the more regrets it leads to.

Like, wanting something so bad that you hope to achieve it. You go out of your comfort zone to make things happen and then they don't. Because it was just you wishing for it.

And the regret that you wish you hadn't gone out of your comfort zone.

Or the other way round. If you do not go out of your comfort zone, to make things happen, the regret that you wish you had taken that one step to fight for what you truly believe in and get it.

I am not sure which regret is worse.

I am inclined towards the latter. The former, it was just the free will of other beings involved which didn't make things happen. At least I will not regret I did not do anything.

But the latter.  How do you live with the regret for the rest of your life.  That some thing was so close to attainment and you just let it slip away because you were afraid of getting out of your comfort zone?

Isn't life what happens out of the comfort zone?

What stops us from giving ourselves that one chance that we truly deserve? Of course, the omnipresent fear of failure.

So, basically, we spend the rest of our lives in hopes and regrets because of fear of failures.

No wonder many a love stories never took off because of fear of failure.

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