Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why meeting people off internet is good

I find it difficult to make friends in real life. Mostly because I'm too shy to approach anyone.  If someone is sitting next to me, I'll still not talk because I'm afraid I'll disturb that person.

On internet, however, all you need to do is click on publish or send and you have started the conversation with no one and everyone.

I have been blogging/writing online since 2004.  You see, I was alone, lonely and internet was a saviour. This holds true even in 2014. Alone, lonely and internet as my saviour, of course, the internet speed is better than the dial up. And WiFi. I digress.

Over the years, I have no idea how many people have read my blogs (which I have changed a zillion times before zeroing on the most boring name ever, my first name - was crazy dhakkan, chal dhanno and god knows what else) or my tweets. Or any other internet footprint I've left behind.

I don't know how many complete strangers know me better than some people I'm related to.

And how many have read about the struggles and my flawed coping mechanism on how to overcome those struggles.  Or how they have sympathised, empathised or just shrugged their shoulders and moved on.

But when you meet someone, who has been following your blogs and tweets silently for years, but never interacted with you, it makes you feel great that you have been one of the reasons for bringing a smile to someone's face, even if it only once.

You see, we smile so little, and frown so often that hearing someone laugh loudly is a rarity.  But if someone tells me, I have brought a smile to their face or what I wrote made them laugh out loudly, it is such a satisfying feeling.  That my existence, contrary to popular belief, is not complete waste. 

I have met a lot of people off internet, and most of them have went on to become great friends, except for the one strange dude who collected male underwears (new only) for fun. Only problem is the distance because internet blurs the distance, but in real life, the distance is very real. I'd wish the physical distance weren't so much from some of the most amazing people I've known.

I wish I could meet every person who have come to know me, because it is comforting when someone says "oh, I've read it on your blog" - because it makes me feel special that someone took time off their lives to read something about my life.

I also want to meet every person I have admired over internet. And when I do like them, I let them know how I admire them, so much to the point of creeping them out by showering with compliments.  But that's what I believe.  Life is too short not to compliment someone who makes you smile.  We all criticise everyone, why not take that moment out to let someone know you like them. Or love them.

Trust me, a kind word goes a long way. A compliment from strangers brighten up my entire day, sometimes week.

This post is dedicated to all those who've been the silent readers of this blog.  I may not know you, but it is comforting that you guys are around.

Thank you for being there when no one was.

And if you guys are ever in the city, let me know, I'll treat you to drinks.*

*non alcoholic beverages. :)

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Reshma :) said...

Nirwa, you are a gem. U brighten up my life....not just make me smile :)

And, yes...the above compliment is a collective feeling of 2 of your biggest admirers: M & M ! :D You may replace the 2nd 'M' with 'R' :)) (bad joke, i know :P)

Btw, am loving the new feature of "Love" reaction on every post :)

God bless you.