Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Experience at Mahatma Mandir

So I have been to Mahatma Mandir twice.

Mahatma Mandir is an exhibition/convention centre in Gandhingar where the Vibrant Gujarat investor summits and other meets happen.

If it were not for the profession I'm in (OMG. I'm a financial journalist!), I wouldn't go to Mahatma Mandir.  Mostly because it is in Gandhingar, and who goes to Gandhinagar unless you're out on a romantic drive (or in my case, a solitary drive to clear the head).  And why would anyone go to something called Mahatma Mandir if he/she is on a romantic drive.  So, for normal people, it is like a mystical structure you only read about in papers.

Anyhoo.  The point I was trying to make is, the layout of Mahatma Mandir sucks.  It is so badly planned that I will dread the day I have to go to MM again.

First of all, parking is almost as far as Ahmedabad.  I usually end up parking on the roadside nearby and hope no one tows away.  Anyway, after that, from the main entrance, you are almost always directed to other end of the premises for entry.  Even if you show your Press I-card.  Because people who are guarding the gate have no clue.

"I'm here to talk to the delegates"
"Call them and if they tell us, we will allow"

Yes, Denmark ke minister mere padosi hai.

Then you go to general entry, where you don't have to show any kind of identity proof.  Which is light years away from the main entrance.  And while walking till there is not an issue, it is noon and Sun is particularly unkind towards us Amdavadis.  So, a shed would've been better.

And that's not all.  You walk for like good 30 minutes around the gigantic exhibition halls and come back to the main gate, where the above conversation of calling up Denmark delegate took place.  Just that this time, you're standing inside the gates.

So, the moorkh shiromanis standing on the gate won't let me inside without a "pass" (despite my Press I-card), and I walk all around the structure and stand inside without showing my identity proof to a single soul.  No one even checked my bags as I strolled in the mid-day scorching heat.

I cannot believe how incredibly stupid that is.  The barricades and the structure which make you walk endlessly when you could just cut the distance to 50 mtrs are insane and annoying.  I really don't see what is the point of such badly designed layout.

And walking is fine, but it's just too hot - put some shade yaar.

Oh, and all this walking around wouldn't have been that bad an issue had I not been suffering from the ridiculous mysterious virus making rounds of the city which gives excruciating pain in the joints.  All this walking today has put my healing back by a week.

So please, get rid of those chain barricades and stop making people walk long distance for no reason.  Or if you can't do that, cover the entire MM premises in some sort of tent.  Like Great Golden circus or something.


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