Sunday, September 15, 2013

How tolerant are we?

Religion is a sensitive topic.

Most people don't like their religious beliefs being questioned.  Especially when they are atheists.

In fact, the more I interact with people, the more I have noticed that there are more atheists who insist that God doesn't exist and ridicule those who believe in God than theists who want to shove their religious beliefs down my throat.

I am not sure of my religious beliefs.  I want to believe there is someone who is watching. I want to believe in Karma. I want to believe that no hope is lost and we are not entirely dependent on human race to save ourselves.  That there is justice in universe which is stronger than our judicial system.  At the same time, I do not visit temples regularly.  I fast on certain festivals only because I don't want to get into argument with my parents.  I'm probably one of those sitting on the fence waiting for some enlightenment to strike me so I can hop over to one side of religious beliefs.

I met a bunch of people earlier today who were having a discussion on religion, faith and superstition.  Interesting topics. Yes.

There were different viewpoints.  A very vocal group of people, a rarity in Ahmedabad.  It was like a breath of fresh air in this hot, humid, dusty city.

Unlike the parliament, this discussion didn't see anyone hurl any chairs towards the other.  More or less, everyone thought superstitions suck.  But when it came to religion vs spirituality/other forms of beliefs, the common undertone was one believer trying very hard to prove the other person how his beliefs were misplaced.  More than anyone else, they were atheists who tried too hard to prove how religion/God is not worth all this.

And ironically, everyone wanted a society where no one forces his/her views on others.

So, basically, you want to force your views on others that they should not their force their views on you.

Okay, then.

In my opinion, to each his own.  As long as your beliefs do not cause any kind of harm/discomfort/injury to others, and does not make you a criminal, an extremist or a terrorist.

I really wish we were more tolerant to other people's beliefs.  At least as much as we expect others to be for our own beliefs.


Swamy Saran Atul said...

Totally agree, especially the "hot, humid, dusty city" part.
sent from Bangalore

Nirwa Mehta said...

at least we don't have power cuts. >.<

and Ahmedabad is lovely. >.<

Swamy Saran Atul said...

That is because Diggy Raja is right about a certain Gujarati being power hungry. You guys hog all the power.

Nirwa Mehta said...

You just used a Diggy uncle quote to prove a point.

Your argument is invalid.

Also, cannot get over the irony of the comment space on a post on tolerance. :P