Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Internet and Anonymity

When people you consider friends hide behind the cloak of anonymity and go about saying nasty things about you or play a prank that goes too far, you need to step back and evaluate the relationship.

Why would your friends do that? If the reason is 'just to let you know how internet is an evil place and you should not go about sharing your personal details', then let me tell you, it was not an actual stalker/stranger who did those things that you did, it was you - someone I considered a friend.

Which proves the complete opposite of what they intend to prove - strangers are more trustworthy than friends.

And while I'm all game for pranks and I am a pretty good sport when it comes to taking jokes on myself, there are some things which are stretched too far.

I'm okay with a prank mail which comes from a 'secret admirer', but then, you don't write nasty stuff in the comments section about me and my family - anonymously.  It's a different thing that the nasty comments got filtered out by blogger and it didn't appear on the comments page, but I did get an email notification for the same.  Saved me the trouble of being polite even to mean comments.

I know who you are, but I'm not going to confront you.   You can choose to hate me and go out of your way to be really really nasty to me, I will still go about trusting strangers and being the awesome person that I am.

You didn't affect my life, but from the looks of it, you can't stop thinking about me.

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Reshma :) said...

I fall in love with you over n over again <3