Monday, April 22, 2013

Gas Leak : How I Almost Died

So my parents have been travelling last two days.

About an hour back, I went to the kitchen to fix myself some lunch.

I smelt something strange.  The smell of gas.

I checked the knobs on the stove and one of the knobs was put on "simmer" instead of "off".

I immediately turned it off and opened all doors, windows, switched on the exhaust fan and well recovered from shock.

At around 9ish, our domestic help, who stays with her family in the quarters at our house only, had come to the kitchen to boil milk and ask me about my lunch and dinner plans.  (apparently, no one thinks I can take care of myself)

So, after the milk was boiled, instead of turning off the knob, she ended up putting it on simmer/low flame.  Incidentally, the moment she did it, the flame went off, so she thought the gas was turned off.  I was watching a movie till 11:30 and then some more tv after that.

At around 12:30 when I went to make myself some khichdi, I smelt the gas.

I was so scared.  I still am, a little bit.

I was in a house where gas has been leaking since past more than 3 hours.  It would have lead to a huge explosion, where I could have possibly died.  And when that realisation sunk in, I cried.

I'm kind of shaken up and scared right now, and have lost my appetite.  I told the maid what she had done, and she still doesn't get it how she put it on low flame instead of turning it off.

I've not told my mom yet, because she will get worried unnecessarily, and will probably scold the maid, which I don't want - it was an honest mistake and anyone could've done that.  But I will have to tell her, mostly because she needs to know that the stove is a little faulty and she should be extra careful with that one till we get it fixed.

But a chill goes down my spine every time I think what if I had ignited the stove.

What if I had died?

ps - pipeline gas doesn't smell as much as LPG cylinders do. :|

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