Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Post Office

I was in 3rd standard when we were given an assignment from school.  It was to visit the post office and find out about different counters. 

My mummyma (naani) took me to Navrangpura post office here in Ahmedabad.  It has been close to two decades now and I still remember the post office exactly the way it was.

On the gate, there were 3 boxes.  Red, green and yellow.  Don't really remember what they meant, but I do see more of the red ones only.  (of course, I had a hard time finding a post box to drop off letters the other day).  As soon as you enter, there was a booth that sold stamps and postcards.  (a postcard today costs 50 paisa. that's it.) And then you enter the main office.

It had dull green paint on the walls, and counters which were separated by glass.  The glasses had holes so that the customers can communicate with the person behind the counter.  The floor had grey tiles, which were very dirty.  There was a bench and a desk which had glue bottle.  And it was unclean.  I would try and make sure I don't touch anywhere. 

I took my book out and wrote down the names of the counters.  I also had to buy postcards and inland letters and some stamps as part of the project, and stick it in my book.  Oh, I also had to write a postcard to a friend so that we complete the chain.  And in turn, I would receive one from my friend.

I remember drawing perfect rectangles to show the counters in my 'fair' notebook.  I also stuck a blank inland letter and I believe the postcard I might have received too.  Though I don't really remember who had sent.  Or whom I had sent mine.  I think we had to sent it to the person we sat next to in class.  And I don't really remember that well.  It was a long time ago.

And then I visited the same post office again. 

This time I went alone.

The tiles are still grey, but the walls are yellow.  Each desk has a computer (except the stamp selling booth).

Oh, and a glue bottle still sits there on a lone desk.  

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Abhishek Upadhyay said...

I used to really hate these kinds of projects where we were made to go Banks and PO. Above all it used to be more irritating to my Mother who had to take out time for these activities from her already busy schedule.