Sunday, November 11, 2012

To wait or not to wait

So it has been bothering me all night last night and all day today. But I had exam to write and could not let it come my way. But I have to write now, just send out a message to the universe.

So when you feel that something/someone is just right and pray fervently to god for that to happen, should you go about taking steps to try and make it happen or should you wait for that sign from the universe and see if it will take its own course.

Say you come across someone who you think is perfect for you. Should you go ahead and express your feelings or wait for him to start feeling similarly for you? What if you have never met that person and have known for less than a month? Do you trust your instincts and feel right about it? Or should you be apprehensive in trusting your own heart?

How much longer should you know the person to know that person well enough? My parents still don't know me well enough. Hell, even I don't know myself well enough. Is this criteria even valid before you decide that someone is The One?

I don't know. I'm tired of misreading the signs universe has been sending me. What if this is again one of those times?

For a change, I'd like a clear answer, not signs.


Anonymous said...

Tell him!

Nirwa said...

It's not easy, you know. There is always the fear of rejection, and it is because of that so many love stories never took off! :-)

Mishti said...

Love yourself :)

Universe will make you friends, and things will naturally happen, if both of you deserve each other.

Yeah, clear answer is 'don't tell him'. Just relax, and accomplish your own dreams. Great things indeed happen when you expect them the least :)

Nirwa said...

:-) hehe, yes. its not easy, though.