Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interpretation of Nightmares

So everyone gets them. Few days back when I woke up panicky about continuous nightmares, a friend told me, not to worry, because nightmares don't come true, dreams do.  It was kind of soothing.  Nightmares started fading after I wake up.

But then, the kind of dream that came true is little disturbing.  I don't know how to put it without across.  So I had songs being played in my dreams.  Hindi songs, of course. Which is surprising because I'm not much of a music person.  Anyway, the song in context was this: 

It's weird, because I have no idea why I was singing this song.  I hadn't seen Shaan lately and I bet even Mazhar Khan wouldn't be singing this in his grave. (Yes, the actor in this song is Mazhar Khan, who was once married to Zeenat Aman, and I have no idea why I know all this trivia)

Now, entire last week I kept waking up and singing this song and was shocked out of my wits when I switched on the tv last night and they were showing shaan with precisely this song being played. I was like, zomg, my dream has come true.

Ok, stop thinking my dreams are silly, because I'm about to tell you my last night's dream before I forget completely.

So I was back to school.  No idea why because today, I'm just glad school is over, no wishes to live those school days again.  So yeah, I was back to school, and I could remember the classrooms and corridors perfectly as if I am actually there.  The small room where our Gujarati and Sanskrit sir would sit correcting our papers trying hard not to give us passing marks.  The library where I predicted Hrithik Roshan would be better than Abhishek Bachchan (you see, both had their first movies launched recently).  So I saw a bunch of my classmates sitting there gossiping, like always.

But.. I was walking towards another room.  Which was class 8 classroom. (Right across boys' loo, and it smelt ewww)

And I was wearing a Batman costume, with a cape and all.  One guy in the class was wearing Pope's costume.

And then, someone asked me what I was doing, I think it was our Geography teacher.  She asked me what was I doing wearing such outrageous clothes.  I simply said, "I'm the hero you deserve, but not the one you need".  Classmates' jaws reached the floor and I put the cape around my face and ran out.

This is bizarre on so many levels.  But I guess that's what dreams are, right?  Now if only I had a personal dream interpreter.

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