Thursday, February 12, 2015

If I'm on deathbed

Yes, if.

 You see, I don't doubt my immortality.

 Also, as a Hindu and a high caste brahmin I have utmost faith in the idea of rebirth and reincarnation. (I also sometimes believe I'm an icchadhaari naagin, but that's only the childhood trauma of having seen ALL icchadhaari naag-naagin movies - dad always feared I'll start believing in them and living in a world full of imagination, far from reality, if I keep watching them. But then, loneliness makes you do strange stuff.. coming back..)

 I have utmost faith I'll probably be alive to see the end of the world. And going by the current state of the world, I don't think the day is too far. 

But then, if I ever die, I need to have a resurrection plan. See, a leader of a certain faith (not taking names because dude people take offence to any and every thing these days) also took like 3 days to resurrect from the dead. So I need a resurrection plan which is awesomer than any of the ones we've had till now.

 So I was YouTubing some videos of medical miracle and we've all seen the brain transplant scene (please pay special attention to Suresh Oberoi before he finds Mithun in the room.. Amarrrrr... amarrrrrrrr... amarrrrrrrrr)

and the heart transplant scene from one of the regional language movies from down south.


Cannot believe how fantastic these movies are. I mean, the dude was running with the heart in his hands. The heart flew out of his hands, and broke glass and fit itself into the empty cavity in patient. No one was worried that the glass shards were still stuck in the heart! (yes, I have my priorities right) Anyway, the point is, these things are over and done with. I was still looking for inspiration.

Till I stumbled on this gem from the movie Clerk.

Please watch it before proceeding because I don't want to give out spoilers.

 **** spoiler alert! here be the spoilers ****

 So if I die, I need you to being me nearer to uninterrupted, censor-free, high speed WiFi connection. I am so excited at the prospect of the internet seeping life back into my lifeless body that I am almost looking forward to dying.

 Some day.

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Shalini Surendran said...

But you have to give it to film maker for his imagination!

Just discovered your blog via twitter. loving it!!