Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Because I didn't have enough internet footprints already. is my collection of thoughts. Shorter thoughts, which do not demand a blog post. And because I'm awesome.

It also has an "ask" option, which I've kept open for anonymous curious passerby/crawler/stalker.

you can ask there.

And I'm sleep deprived. Woke up at 5 am, cos cab was coming at 7 to pick me up for a visit to this solar power plant in godforsaken far off village and I need time to become fully alert before I could meet people. oh, and came across one potential crush, but the potential crush had to leave for delhi, and we talked for like only half an hour. and now i'm heartbroken. because i'm dramatic.

And then Narendra Modi decided today to have his first charcha on chai or chai pe charcha or whatever. I mean, how come no one wants to discuss stuff with me over tea/coffee. I'm so awesome and bursting with brilliant ideas which could change the course of history.. or future.. or whatever.

And I'm just gonna sleep now.

But you can ask. I'll answer there. <3 br="">

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