Monday, March 25, 2013

You are what you watch

I have always loved Hindi movies. 

I can sit through *any* movie and enjoy it.  Really.  (except horror, they are not movies)

Movies have influenced our thoughts at so many levels. (no, I'm not going to talk about my own, because my thoughts and theories are immensely boring).  Every generation gets influenced by the cinema of their time.  My father still thinks he looks like Rajesh Khanna.  (no, he doesn't)  And my 14 year old cousin is in love with RK. (not Ranbir Kapoor, but some on screen name of some actor in one lameass serial - Madhubala - though, Madhubala is not the worst serial - it is waaaaaaay behind Sasural Simar Ka in the ranks of world's worst serials, I digress)

But what about my generation? *my generation makes me feel old :(*

I belong to the generation where one girl found Tulsi her ideal. 

Hi, baa,
And one girl has grown up to believe that she is a tomboy and loves playing basketball.

And one girl was the wisest of them all.  She grew up to believe she is an icchadhaari naagin.

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