Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So the other day my 2.5 year old niece visited.  She's adorable.  Sadly, she's reaching the danger bracket of annoying kids.  I will skip that part, but will tell you how she's incredibly cute.

So I had gone to drop them off at their place, which is a good 30 minute drive in traffic, but because I love her, I'll go an extra mile for her.  Her mother, my cousin's wife, asked me to go up to their apartment, but I kind of ignored.  Mostly because I like being by myself, and making a small talk with my uncle is a pain because he's kinda annoying.

But then, the kid asked, "Ninu, tu ghar aav ne' (meaning, Ninu, Y U NOOO COME UP?)  and it's hard for me to break someone's heart like that.  So I kind of gave in to her cuteness and oh god, she played with me so much.  Let's just say if she were 20 years older, all that she did with me would've been considered domestic violence.  But then, when she said, "Ninu, I love you", my heart kind of melted, and I let her continue what she was doing for some more time.

In other news, I've managed to alienate more of my relatives by pretending I'm not home and staying locked up in my room for 4 hours while they sat downstairs and kept asking for my whereabouts.  I felt bad for my Mom, because she cannot lie, and she had a tough time making up new excuses why I've not yet come home, while I was busy losing myself in the mystical world of internet.

In last one week, I've been called 'a brave girl' by a few people for having fought my CA exam battles which I still have to pass. I just wish the bravery was enough to get me the bloody degree.  When I cried like one mad woman, my dad was being super supportive of me on how at other times of crisis, I've been the strong one to hold the family together and how I cannot be weak.  It made me cry even more, because that was the first time my dad ever said anything good about me. Ah, well.

You still wonder why I am emotionally unstable?

Anyway, decided to get discipline back into life.  Which means, trying to wake up and sleep at a normal time, and stop being a stupid owl.  Lately, the neighbourhood uncle, who has insomnia, tries to have a small chat with me in middle of the night.  Which is creepy because he shouts from his balcony, while I am happily watching a crime drama, and only says one thing, "So jaa". Dude, YOU GO SLEEP.  It's kind of freaky when someone tells that in middle of a crime drama, especially when the psycho killer has been hiding in the bushes.  Anyway, I digress.

Coming back to discipline in life, I'm going to wake up early tomorrow.  I've set an alarm for 5:30 am.  Which means that since it's almost 1 am, I should sleep, but then, the anxiety of waking up early is not letting me sleep. I'm kind of cool that way.

Anyway, since I have nothing more to say to this, and I'm pretty awful with ending posts or whatever, I'll just say, kbai.


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